21 veljače 2012

Pop Superstar MADONNA at Super Bowl XLVI... by HumanSlinky

I generally just feel like this is a huge triumph for feminine and queer energy in the universe. The Super Bowl is such an ugly symbol for everything that is brutish and stupid about American/Western masculinism, and this was like an INTERVENTION. Not only did this woman make millions of football fans watch VOGUE — not only her GAYEST song, but a song that is LITERALLY ABOUT BEING GAY, AND IS BASED ON AN APPROPRIATION OF GAY STREET CULTURE — but she made it even gayer by projecting images of VOGUE MAGAZINE ON THE FUCKING FOOTBALL FIELD. “FUCK YOU, FOOTBALL. FUCK YOU, AMERICAN MALENESS.” “BETTE DAVIS, WE LOVE YOU” - that sentence was said AT THE SUPER BOWL. The major theme of that performance was that FEMININE GAYNESS IS AWESOME, and WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN CONVENTIONAL AMERICAN MASCULINITY. As soon as it was over, I tweeted, “It got better.” Material World

11.6.2012., Zagreb

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